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Water sports
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A large selection of water activities!

If you come to Prague in summer and it is really warm you will be able to enjoy water activities such as rafting, canoeing…and also water tourism.
One of the most popular is the water slalom; it is practiced in the springtime mountain river. In summer, six artificial slalom courses are also available; the most famous is Troja in Prague.
Canoeing down the river is also possible in many rivers. The Otava river in the Sumava mountains, the Jizera river or the Kamenice river in Nothern Bohemia are wild waters during the spring, in summer,  the Luzice, Ohre, Malse, Berounka rivers and other more appropriated.

If you are looking for adventure in Prague you can go canoeing for one day. The territory of the Czech Republic contains the upper streams of rivers, which, although affording views of wonderful panorama, are sailable only in the spring when snow is thawing out in the mountains.
This water sport is done on beautiful rivers such as the Luznice, upper Vltava and Sazava where one can go yachting for recreational purposes but also in competitions.
In booking in advance, you can visit yachting clubs and rent boats.

For more information:
The Czech Canoeing Association
Atleticka 100/2, 160 17 Prague 6, Tel: 02/33017415

Czech Yachting Union, Prague
Budova CYK, Pristav 5, 147 00 Prague 4, Tel: 02/41433212

This water sport is a very popular in the Czech Republic. You can rent the equipment at various locations where there are significant dams and lakes.

If one wants to raft in the Czech Republic it has only few possibilities.  Otava, Jizera and Kamenice rivers are the three places where you can raft in the early spring when there is wild water. You can also raft on canals but you must contact the respective drainage area administration to arrange the supply of water, or to wait for a time when there is a competition. The only canal with constantly running water can by found in Prague-Troja.

For more information about water sports contact the Water-Sports Information Bank
Kotva Branik, U ledaren 55, 147 00 Prague 4, Tel: 02/466 085

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