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Public Transport
Prague Connect > Public Transport

The metro is definitely one of the best ways of getting around Prague. It is safe, fast, efficient, clean, and easy to use.
There are three lines, the Green, the Yellow and the Red, which run from 5 am until midnight. During peak hours there are trains every 2-3 min and during off hours, every 4-10 min.
All stations are equipped with escalators; some has access for the disabled.

There are two kinds of tickets:
The transfer ticket is valid 75 minutes from validation for three zones. This ticket can be used 90 minutes from validation on working days from 8.00pm to 5.00am and on Saturdays and Sundays round the clock.
This ticket costs 70 cents for an adult person over 15 years and 30 cents for a child from 6 to 15 inclusive.
The non-transfer ticket is valid for trams and buses for 20 minutes, it doesn’t allow any changes.
Regarding the metro, these tickets are valid for 5 stations from the station of validation (not including the station of validation), it allows changes but your run shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes.
If you are planning to use the buses or metro more than 5 times buy a 24-hour ticket which costs 2, 70 euros.
You also have the possibility to buy a 3 day ticket for 7, 40 euros, a 7 day ticket for 9, 40 euros or a 15 day ticket which costs 10, 80 euros.
For those who are planning a long stay in Prague you will have the choice between a monthly ticket for 15, 50 euros, a quarterly ticket for 42, 50 euros and an annual ticket for 140 euros.
These prices are full prices but you can get a discount, or even a free of charge transport, it depends of your status.
For more information, look at .

The Bus and Tram network covers the entire city. Most of them run from 4:30 am until midnight daily every 5-8 minutes in peak hours and every 10-25 minutes in the off- hours.
There is a night service (buses nº501-512) from 00.30 am until 4.30 am every 40 minutes

How to go to the airport?
Bus 119 runs from the airport to the Dejvická metro station (line A), every 7 to 20 minutes and the ride takes around 20 minutes. The airport is the last stop.
Bus 100 runs from the airport to the Zličín metro station (line B), every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes after 7 p.m. and the ride takes around 15 minutes.

Trams run from 4.30 am until midnight every 10 minutes. There are trams, nº51 to 58 which run from 00.30 am until 4.30 every 40 minutes.

Funicular to Petrín
If you are lazy to go to Petrín hill by foot, you have the possibility to take the funicular at the Újezd tram stop (tram nº12, 22, 23) in Malá Strana. It runs daily from 9 am until 11.30 pm every 10-15 minutes. For the funicular you can use the transfer ticket for 40 cents.

Even if taxi drivers in Prague are less and less dishonest and more trustworthy, hail a taxi on the street is still risky. It is preferable to call a taxi, here you can find the number of the taxi companies.

AAA Radiotaxi , tel: 140 14 or 222 333 222
Profi Taxi,  tel: 140 35 or 2 61 31 41 51
City Taxi, tel: 257 257 257
Halotaxi, tel: 244 114 411
Radiotaxi, tel: 272 731 848
Sedop, tel: 777 666 333

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